The Lost Madonna

The Lost, Newcastle West, Madonna has no Inn for Christmas”
Calling all art lovers, walker enthusiasts, passengers of busses and generally people with good eye sight!
A student of my art class, and good friend, recently completed a painting of the Madonna on an oval shaped canvas Monday night on the 2nd of December. Having been engaged in good conversation with her fellow student after class, she made the innocuous decision to place the finished painting, which took two months to resolve, on top of the roof of her car. We’ve all done it. The difference being, it was probably a cup of coffee from Dee’s Garage and not a work of art that has the potential to be passed down for generations to come. You probably have guessed the ending of this story. On finishing the important discussion about “Im a celebrity get me out of here” with her fellow artist, she proceeded to drive home, in the direction of Old Barna from town, carrying Madonna on the roof of the car! Im sure if Mary had a choice, given the season, she would have happily chosen donkey rather than a Ford Mondeo. Having traversed the highways and byways, taking in dykes and briers on foot, this priceless possession has yet to turn up so far. Please help us put Madonna back in the hands of its creator.

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